Sunday, March 04, 2007


My sincerest apologies to all the readers. Due to an unexpected personal situation I could not post over last 2 months and have not checked this email either. Needless to say no investing either.

Life is a bit back to normal and I should be getting back into swing of things one more time...slowly, however.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Phenomenal Day for Apple Computer (AAPL) and My Portfolio

The blogosphere is full of the coverage of Apple Computers (AAPL) new iPhone and iTV. I am not going to add to that list by putting my own views here. You can find enough coverage elsewhere.

However, what was exciting from my perspective was the performance of Apple's share price. A 7.1% jump to an all time high of $92.57. I have shares as well as sold put option contracts. The net gain in portfolio has been over 2%. Yes, it could have been more but Apple still represents a small part of the portfolio. I took a hit on NVIDIA recently as well.

Given, this development I hope to close this month on a strong positive note. Keeping the finger crossed.

Friday, January 05, 2007

NVIDIA Corporation (NVDA) Stocks Down on Downgrades

Not only NVIDIA but it seems like the whole chip sector is down. AP reports
NEW YORK (AP) - Chip stocks fell hard in midday trading on Friday, spurred by a couple of downgrades and reduced financial forecasts.
On NVIDIA they write
Graphics chip maker Nvidia also took a beating after American Technology Research analyst Doug Freedman cut his rating on the stock to "Neutral" from "Buy."
I am not a financial analyst but this report does not make sense. NVIDIA is a key supplier not only to gaming hardware but to Apple Computer and other key computer manufacturers.

Granted that the stock has seen a run up in price in last several months. I will take it more as a consolidation than an outright signal to exit the investment.

I am holding on to my investment in NVIDIA for long haul.

Nokia (NOK) Rumored to Cut Off Best Buy (BBY) in China

Pacific Epoch has an interesting article
Nokia may stop providing handsets to US electronics retailer Best Buy's store in China, according to a rumor reported by National Business Daily. The report said that Best Buy was selling Nokia handsets at prices lower than the minimum limits set by Nokia. Best Buy is also facing a similar problem with Sony Ericsson, said the report. Best Buy denied rumor. Best Buy opened its first store in China on December 28, 2006.
I am not invested in Best Buy (BBY) but do have investments in Nokia (NOK). My take this is Best Buy's loss. Nokia is one of the most popular mobile phone in Asia (based on my unofficial survey - read people watching and window shopping). However, it would be best if they could leverage each others synergies.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Apple Computer (AAPL) Sales at $8 Billion for Holiday Quarter

Just saw this post from seekingalpha
The bottom line: I was a piker in my previous prediction of 20 million iPods and $7 billion in sales for Apple's holiday quarter. Assuming that these numbers are somewhat in line, Apple may see a nearly $8 billion holiday quarter, with $4 billion of that revenue coming from the sales of 23 million iPods.
I do agree with his analysis of sales. Needless to say this works well for my Apple Computer (AAPL) investment.