Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Phenomenal Day for Apple Computer (AAPL) and My Portfolio

The blogosphere is full of the coverage of Apple Computers (AAPL) new iPhone and iTV. I am not going to add to that list by putting my own views here. You can find enough coverage elsewhere.

However, what was exciting from my perspective was the performance of Apple's share price. A 7.1% jump to an all time high of $92.57. I have shares as well as sold put option contracts. The net gain in portfolio has been over 2%. Yes, it could have been more but Apple still represents a small part of the portfolio. I took a hit on NVIDIA recently as well.

Given, this development I hope to close this month on a strong positive note. Keeping the finger crossed.


stocktube said...

good for you ... i invested apple as well in option april 85.0 call 2 hours after the opening ... but only limited to 5 contracts - as i was 50:50 on the chances that steve jobs will launch the awaited iphone ...

should steve jobs not doing what was expected, i'm sure the share will dive into the atlantic ocean ... i think i'll take profit soon ...

congrat to you ...

cheers ...

Anonymous said...

I want to sell it.

Now or in one two weeks? we are expecting dec sales results for iPod?

Any opoinions?

理財 信用卡 said...

i think selling now is a good idea as long as the positive news are still dominating the press. Personally I think that the iPhone has already been included in the stock price for years. To support the rising stock price it really needs good sales figures right from the start.

Bubs said...

First time visitor to the site. Good luck to you on getting to one million. It seems like everyone in the trading world made money on Apple this week.


the finance ninja said...

Thought I would stop by and see what is happening in your trading world. Congrats on your AAPL trade. If you read my blogging on my AAPL option trade I could of donw 1000% better if I just was more patient and waited to buy the option just days before the Max Expo hype. Well, I learned for next year to make a better trade. I sold out profitable after almost 40 days in the trade at over $97 on my options. I told myself to sell and not be greedy. But now MDCD Man I have come up with this dreamy idea of a trade and if it works getting to my $1 million in 10 months could be a reality. Let me know what you think. I call it the 50/50% earnings report scenario trade. - finance ninja

financeninja said...

Have you done any trades lately since its been a month since you posted something MDCD. I think Apple inc. has some glory days ahead. The citigroup upgrade made a lot of sense and aapl has just been sitting for too long. Recently everytime I do technical analysis the next day the stock does the complete oppositive and runs in the other direction! I was taught feb until may are the hardest months to trade for anyone and boy is that right! I've bought some of this WTVI stock and its help keep my portfolio up and hit my goal for Feb the 12,000 mark, but if I'm smart I need to sell it before it potentially busts (After all the hype).

did you know that for a 854k contract trade on the pinksheets is $8k dollars! wow (although I would of net a profit of 200k).

still thats an expensive trade!
cheers -fn


mafestocks said...

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